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How can my young children create an account? Can I control my children's actions?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2013 09:54AM EDT
CISV Central has a unique feature called "Connected Youth Accounts."  By using this, parents can create an account for their child that does not have the ability to log-in.  Instead, the parent can log in, navigate to the youth account, and "walk in their shoes."  This means that the child can't use the system without a parent being present to supervise, which gives the parent extra control over the youth's online activity.  Anything posted while "walking in their shoes" will appear as the child/youth, not as the parent. 

When the child is older, and the parent is ready to give the child full access to CISV Central, you can upgrade the account so that the child will have the ability to log in just like any other account in the system.

First and foremost, it is important to know a few things about connected youth accounts.
  1. This is only available for users who joined a chapter with a family membership.  Individual membership plans will not have this ability.
  2. You must have an email for your child/youth.  This is required because the system does a lot of things and sends notifications using email addresses.  If your child doesn't have an email address yet, this is a great time to make one!  We suggest or  Once you have an email address for the youth, you can come back and register a youth account.
Now, assuming you have an email address ready, let's get started.  First, head to your profile by clicking your username or profile picture:

Next, click "Connected Youth Accounts" at the top of your profile.  Only you can see this link:

Now, this is where you will see any existing connected youth accounts.  We don't have any yet, so let's click the Add User link at the top right:

We add a user by filling out a registration page.  The email address, as you read earlier, is required.  You also will create a password for your youth.  If you do not want to allow your youth to log-in without you present, do not share this password with your child.

Once created, the account will be immediately activated and made part of your family, please see the "connected youth account" page below after I created a youth account:

As you can see, the user is not listed here.  

By clicking "Switch to User" - you are "walking in their shoes."  This is how you can log in as the youth, hand the computer over to your child, and let them use CISV Central for a while.  Once they are finished, they click the "LogOut" button which returns them to your adult-account.

By clicking "Release the User" - you are upgrading their account to a full-fledged account within your family.  Now, you can share the password with the child and let them take full control.  This is to be done once the child is of an acceptable age that you as the adult deem appropriate.  Remember, at this point the child can go in and change their password and you would no longer have any access to their account.  When you release the user, the user still shows up as part of your family under the "My Family" link.
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