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How much do the payments cost my chapter, and when do I get the money from my chapter members for payments made through CISV Central?

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2013 02:39PM EDT
All payments processed through CISV Central will be deposited directly into CISV USA’s processing account.  By using a single account, CISV and its chapters are savings money in processing fees.

Every quarter, when CISV USA typically sends invoices to chapter treasurers, CISV USA will now also include a line item for CISV Central as a deduct to your invoice, minus the fees outlined below.

For example, if you process a total of 100, $50 membership fee payments in Quarter 1, You will be owed a gross revenue of $5,000.  These payments will likely be a mix of online credit/debit card transactions, and online E-Check transactions.  Your net amount paid to you may be closer to $4,750 (this is purely an example).

Your quarterly invoice may include charges from CISV USA for things like dues/fees, programs, etc...  There will also be a line item for -$4,750 in this invoice.  And you will be paid a check by CISV USA if the total net amount for the quarter is negative.  If it’s positive, you will certainly owe a lot less money for the quarter because of all the funds you accepted via CISV Central in various ways.

Costs of processing funds online with CISV Central
If your chapter member uses an E-Check/ACH to make a payment through CISV Central (using an account and routing number from a bank), it will cost chapters $.50 per transaction.

If your chapter member uses a Credit/Debit card to make a payment through CISV Central (using a Visa/Mastercard/Discover card), it will cost chapters 2.50% of the total transaction amount, plus $.25 per successful transaction.  On a $100 transaction, this will cost $2.5 + $.25 = $2.75.  On a $1,000 transaction, this will cost $25.00 + $.25 = $25.25.

CISV USA is covering all monthly fees, and these will not be passed onto chapters.

After the first few months of operation, it is possible that these rates will change slightly to more accurately reflect costs (If CISV USA is losing a large amount of money, these rates may rise.  If CISV USA is earning a large amount of money, these rates may lower).
As you can see, it is in every chapter’s best interest to encourage payments by ACH/E-Check.  Credit Cards carry large fees from the processing networks.
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