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How do I mark users as paid when they paid offline via check or cash? How do I manage users in my chapter or committee or event hub?

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2013 02:30PM EDT
Please refer to this link to see more information on roles:

If you are an admin of a hub, you have special options visible on the hub's main page, above your activity stream.  Your specific options may vary with your specific permission set:
  • Edit - you can edit your hub's base information.  This could be general info, address, event times/dates and info, etc...  This is your first stop for basic editing on a hub.
  • Group - via this link, you will access the list of users registered in your hub.  This is where you can control user roles, approvals, denials, blocking members, and exporting.
  • Export User List is a quick link to access the user list for offline use.
More on the Group link
When you click group, you have a few extra options here, and here is what each of them is used for:
  • Add People
    • Using this screen, you can add other CISVers who are already registered on CISV Central.  Please note that using this interface will add the user and they will not have to pay membership dues - you are going around the payment system in this case.  
    • You must know their username to add them.
  • People
    • This is where you will go to find every user who is a member of your hub or chapter.  You will see the length of time they've been a member, whether or not they have access or not to the hub at this time, or if they hold any special "roles" (like administrator).
    • ACTIVE means that the user has access to the hub.
    • BLOCKED means that the user is banned from the hub.
    • PENDING means that there is an "offline payment" in the system that hasn't been verified by the administrator yet (that's you!).  So, if you received the user's cash or check in person, you can select the user and mark them as "ACTIVE." to give them access.
    • This is also the screen that you can change the membership status of all users using the dropdown box at the top.  You can add privileges/roles to a user, or take them away.  You can mark them as blocked, deny them access (but they will be able to ask to join again later), or mark a user as active here.
  • Roles (read-only)
    • This shows you all roles in the system, these may or may not be available in your current hub.  You can not edit anything here, this is for information only.
  • Permissions (read-only)
    • This shows the full permission structure for every role in any given hub.  Again, this is just for information, and you cannot edit anything here.  But the curious are welcome to look to understand how the system operates.
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