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What does a family membership plan do? How can I invite other family members to my membership plan?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2013 09:49AM EDT
Family membership plans were created to allow an entire family to register with CISV Central by only paying one membership fee as denoted by your chapter.

The head of the household can make an account, then invite other members once they have registered and paid.

In your profile (see above) you have a "My Family" link at the top right.

Using this link, you will see a list of your family members, including your connected youth accounts.  You can also "Add a Member" from that page.  You simply need their email address at that time.  Members who are part of your family will not need to pay additional chapter membership dues.  Only the head of household will be responsible for this.

You can read about connected youth accounts, a unique feature to family membership plans, here:
If the email address is already registered at CISV Central and part of a subscription plan, you will not be allowed to add them.  Once their current membership subscription plan with the chapter expires (family or individual), you can then invite them into your family. 

For this reason, it is important that one family member register at a time if you want to create a family membership plan.
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